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Providing quality software and web-based solutions.

Looking for Solutions?

      At Fresh Web Solutions we prioritize customer service! By careful consulting and consistent feedback! We provide:

  • Websites/WordPress sites
  • Scrum Master
  • E-commerce and landing pages
  • Mobile & web applications
  • Business consulting
  • Technology based education

Quality Software Soulutions

Not only do we specialize in web design, we also provide solutions to mobile applications, web applications, business planning, and technology and coding based education. The owner George or his moniker, “FullstackFresh”, is a self-taught web designer who is self-taught in various coding languages and libraries. By leveraging the power of the web, he was able to learn and create Fresh Web Solutions! Through his research, he understood the importance of web design and a digital presence; especially for people and communities who have low exposure to digital and innovative technology planning! 


Services Explained

WordPress Website/ Websites

Pricing is best after a comprehensive understanding of the client needs. Click button below to schedule a consultation! Discounts available related to impact of Covid-19!

Mobile & Web Applications

From mobile games to business solutions. We are up to the challenge to assist our clients on desired outcomes. Pricing Varies.

Business Consulting

Owner of Fresh Web Solutions, enjoys mentoring and coaching! From Scrum master needs to personal services we got you covered. 

Tech Ed./Tutoring

Fresh Web Solutions collaborates with other “solutionaries” to help provide a needed service in one of the most in demand emerging markets, technology!

“Begin! You can acheive your desired technological destination”

Responsive web apps?

In the emerging era of rapid change it’s important we prioritize responsiveness to our products. From mobile apps to websites we ensure the ability for use on different monitor size and devices. 


Here at Fresh Web Solutions we strive to help people, organizations, or small business with general interest in tech an opportunity to share their products or facilitate Scrum and Agile mindsets. From the web to in person! We are here for you tech and business needs!

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